Who we are and what we do

SHI Designing & Manufacturing, Inc. (SDMI) is wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (SHI), Japan. SDMI is registered with the Board of Investments (BOI), Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC) and as well as with Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

SDMI's main business lines consist of Engineering and Design of various Process Plants/Equipments, Pollution Control Plant/Equipments, Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boilers, Industrial Machineries, as well as, creation of software for aforementioned plants/equipments/machineries and development of software for corporate business utilities and web applications.

SDMI's secondary business line is provision of technical Support Services such as Commissioning, Procurement, After Sales Service and Maintenance Services for highly technical SHI products like laser machines, robotics control system, etc.

Message from the president

SDMI sales of 2017 recorded highest in the history of 28 years SDMI history. And the profit is expected to be equal to last year.

Firstly I would extend my appreciation to all for the daily effort and contribution.

Looking back 2017, SDMI outstanding changes was as follows:

  1. System group
    SHI-BA business scheme changed to no compensation for expense
  2. Plant group SFW acquisition
    SFW acquisition
    Simulator and training curriculum is ready
  3. Machinery group Sales expansion
    SPT, KEC expanded as per plan
    G&C challenged new partner / Nihon spindle and implemented SHI-GB job effectively
  4. Admi/HR/Accounting/Biz Develop
    EDS (ERP system) application
    Market research & Local Project proposal

Moving on Philippines politics and economy, the economy continues to grow strongly and it's transforming into investment-driven one with the government aggressive investment in infrastructure. For example, the country's first every subway is "on track" with the groundbreaking scheduled in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Also the relationship between Philippines and Japan is getting closer in the field of politics, economy and human resources.

How did you recognize such changes and what did you think?

No target, no change.

As you may already understand, we don't need ordinary words such as "Best effort", "Client's satisfaction", instead we should have specific target to overcome as a profesional business person.

Last 2017 we have achieved some but need to recognize could not achieve some. Having individual clear objective, please be reminded again that we shall challenge "400 million sales" as 3 year Midterm plan 2016-2018.

2018 Key-word for growth.
"Move first and fast"

2018 Policy
"To be Professional"

  1. Quality assurance activities Implementation
    • Acquisition of ISO9001 as all SDMI
    • No excuse for implementation
  2. Fruit
    • More effective with contract job
    • More wider scope
    • Opportunity with SFW
    • New Biz with CFB boiler Operation Training Center

As HR has already disclosed, SDMI has set new regulation for working hours, transportation incentive. Please acknowledge the purpose of new regulation correctly and achieve Policy and fruit.

I wish you and your family health and happiness.

Yoichi Kato

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  • Quality Policy
  • Business Principles

Company Profile

Company Name SHI Designing and Manufacturing, Inc.
Head Office 20/F One Corporate Centre Building, Julia Vargas Avenue corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Philippines
President Toshihiro Yamaoka
Founded December 11, 1989
Capital Php 21,750,000 (as of Dec. 31, 2017)
Number of Employees 232 (as of Nov. 27, 2018)
Annual Revenue Php 231 million (as of 2016 Fiscal Year)


2013 "Base of the Growth"

Reform of organization and efficiency, rebuilding of QMS
  1. Organization Reform: definition of task
  2. Load management: Visualize and share the load projection in advance.
  3. QMS (Quality Management System) :
    "Work Flow and Work scope" to acknowledge our own position and task.
    "Self-completion" by correct input, output and criteria

2014 "Construction of new business model"

Contract Job, IT Innovation, value-added-Job
  1. Contract job: Responsible for Output, and recognition the meaning of efficiency.
  2. IT application: Maximum output with minimum time.
  3. Value-added: "What is additional value?" instead of "Do our best"

2015 "Implementation"

"Nothing will change only by an idea and logic"
  1. Review what you have done, what not done and the reason (circumstance, individual)
  2. Set a new target, make Action plan (when/How), and then carry it out one by one.

2016 "Maintain the base and creation of the opportunity"

  1. ISO9001(2008) acquisition of the Plant group
  2. Establish quality base in the whole SDMI
  3. Creation of a new opportunity: Participation in sales activity

2017 "QMS implementation, Persistence to fruit"

  1. Quality assurance activities Implementation
    • Document update for ISO9001:2015
    • Count of NCR, Understanding right route from cause to measures
    • Full-participation to improvement activities
  2. Fruit
    • Increase of contract job, Expand Contract scope
    • Challenge to higher effectivity
    • Opportunity in Philippines market

Organizational Structure

Business Field

Plant Engineering

Engineering and Design of Environmental Plants: CFB Boiler, Mixing Vessels, Coke Oven.

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Machinery Design

Planning and Modelling: Contruction Machineries, Mass Production Machineries, Gear Boxes and Cranes.

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System & Infrastructure

Development and Maintenance of Software for: Engineering Tools, Machinery Controls, Business Processes and IT Infrastructure.

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Quality Policy


We shall efficiently provide each customer with products and services that will meet their needs and requirement for qualirt and value.


President has the total responsibility to the quality of our products and services. Our top management will aim to achieve customer satisfaction through on-time delivery performance: no more no less than the specification and ultimately the improved products quality.

We will continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and ensure that applicable requirements are always complied with.


Management shall share the actual quality level with all employees and have the initiative to integrate each solution and improvement to the management system.

All employees shall ensure consistent and effective implementation of the quality management system through the PDCA cycle with adequate evaluation, inspection and verification processes in all stages of producttion.

All employees shall apply this system to achieve each objective respectively formulated by departments and review the achievement level on a periodic basis, gauge its effectiveness, and proceed to next improvement process.

Our company shall continuously make constant effort to contricbute to customers and society through the implementation of this quality management system with the participation of all employees.

Business Principles

Our Values

Customer First:
We exceed customer expectations by providing sophisticated efficient products and services, giving the utmost consideration to their needs and requirements.

Embrace Changes:
We will continue to drive and embrace changes without accepting the status quo. Commitment to Technology and Innovation: We are passionate about contributing to society by further developing our unique, in-house technologies.

Commitment to Technology and Innovation:
We are passionate about contributing to society by further developing our unique, in-house technologies.

Respect People:
We will nurture an organizational climate that fosters mutual respect, tolerance and learning for growth.

Corporate Mission Statement

We will aim to become a machinery manufacturer that continues to provide excellent products and services to the world.

With integrity being a key principle in the Group, we will contribute towards society by gaining high respect and confidence from all stakeholders.