• Plant Engineering
  • Machinery Design
  • Systems Development

Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering

Environmental Plants Engineering and Design

SDMI Plant Group offers valuable engineering services for the Design and Engineering of SUMITOMO SHI FW CFB Boiler, Turbine, Mixing Vessel, Ship Building and Coke Oven.

Such services include Proposal & Estimation, Basic Design, Stress Analysis, Strength Calculation, Planning, Detail Drawings and creation of Fabrication Drawings with Material-Take-Off for Construction and Erection conforming to SHI Engineering Standards as well as JIS and other international standards namely ASME, API and TEMA.

SDMI Plant Group also provide commissioning documentation and commissioning site assistance. SDMI Plant Group is equipped with up-to-date design and modelling software such as AutoCAD, AVEVA P&ID, SolidWorks, AVEVA PDMS, STAAD and Tekla.

  • Project Management
  • Boiler And Vessel
  • Structural Design
  • Piping Design
  • Electrical & Control

Project Management

Project Section is one of the newest section formed under Plant Group of Engineering Department.

Project section was formed to address the need for support of SUMITOMO SHI FW CFB boiler international projects.

Services inlcude:
- Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) update
- CFB Systems Description
- Project Standard Documentation such as KKS Numbering System, Unit Standards
- Review of Project purchased equipment drawings and its technical documents
- Documentation assistance for Logistics such as shipping invoice, packing list, etc.
- Pre-commissioning and Commissioning documentation such as Mechanical Run Procedures
- Project site assistance as Document Control Engineer and Commissioning Technical Advisor

The Section is well-versed in MS Project and Autocad.

Boiler and Vessel

Boiler and Vessel Section, established in 1989, is one of the pioneer engineering services in SDMI. The Section provides engineering and detail design of various SHI equipment such as SFW CFB Boilers, Evaporators, Towers or Columns, Condensers, Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Food Processing equipments.

Services includes planning drawings, strength calculation, preparation of manufacturing/fabrication drawings inclusive of parts detail and material take-off. The Section continuous to expand scope specially in the core technology of SFW CFB Boilers.

Supplementary services includes CFB inspection, commissioning and start-up assistance.

The Section is well-versed in Autocad and Solidworks.

Structural Design

Structural Design Section, established in 1989, is one of the pioneer engineering services in SDMI. The Section provides structural design and detail services of SHI Plant's/Equipment such as SFW CFB Boiler, Coke Oven and Water Treatment. SDMI Structural section are able to integrate analysis and design to produce 3D model structures and fabrication drawings.

Services inlcude:
- Structural analysis for Steel Structures
- 3D models with Structural detailing
- Structural design drawings
- Fabrication and erection drawings
- Material take-off and assembly list

The Section is well-versed in STAAD Pro, TEKLA Structures and Autocad.

Piping Design

Piping Section Started services in 1990 and was the first work expansion of SDMI. The Section provides piping design and detail services of SHI Plants/Equipment such as SFW CFB Boilers, Water Treatment, Coke Oven, Bulk Ships and Vesells and Turbine.

Services include preparation of Plot Plans, Piping Layouts, Piping General Arrangement Drawings, Isometric drawings complete with Material List, Pipe Support arrangement and detail drawings. Supplementary services includes line checking and commissioning assistance.

The Section caters most of the 3D design of SHI's Energy and Environment Division (Japan) projects and is the largest Section in SDMI.

The Section is well-versed in PDMS and Autocad.

Electrical & Control

Electrical, Control & Instrumentation (EC&I) Section started services in 1993 following the expansion of Piping Section. The Section provides engineering design and services to SHI Plants such as CFB Boilers, Waste Incinerators, Water Treatment and Ash Handling Systems.

Services include basic and detail design of plant's electrical, instrumentation and control sytems. The section can provide plant EC&I engineering services from review of contract requirements, proposal design, basic design, detail design, equipment/device/material specifications, acceptance test, pre-commissioning, commissioning up to plant hand-over and operation.

The Section is well-versed in Autocad and AVEVA P&ID.

Machinery Design

Machinery Design

Contruction and Mass Production Machineries

SDMI Machinery Group offers services for the Planning and Modelling of various types of Plastic Injection Machines, Gear Reducers (High Speed, Planetary, etc.), Cranes and other construction machineries. SDMI Machinery Group is equipped with up-to-date design and modelling software such as AutoCAD, Helix, Inventor, SolidWorks and I-DEAS.

Below are the sections within SDMI Machinery Group.

  • Gear and Crane
  • Plastic Machinery
  • Construction Machinery

Gear and Crane

Gear and Crane Machinery section was formed on June 2016 from the merging of the Power Transmission group and the Crane group.

Power transmission group provides engineering support and services to SHI-PTC (Power Transmimssion and Control) division's subsidiaries: SHI Gearbox (Japan), Sumitomo Machinery Corp. of America (USA) and Hansen Industrial Transmission (Europe), for the customization of gear unit and drive unit used in conveyors, cooling towers, toasters, water turbines, kiln dry, etc.

Crane group on the other hand provides engineering support to Sumimec (Japan) for detailing and planning in 2D and 3D formats of Jib Cranes, stacker, and Goliath Cranes used in sea ports and constructions.

Gear and Crane section is also responsible for the after sales support and preventive maintenance of steam turbine provided and installed by SHI Nippon Machinery (Japan) in the Philippines and Southeast Asian nations.

The section is well versed in using Solidworks, ICAD SX, Autocad, Revit and Inventor.

Plastic Machinery

The Plastic Machinery Section provides services to SHI Plastic Machinery Division (PMD) and Sumiju Platec Ltd. (SPT), which are responsible for advancing plastic injection molding machine in SHI. In (2005), while still a part of Industrial Machinery Section, a handful of engineers were educated in Chiba, Japan where the main design team of plastic injection machine and factory are based. From then on, SPT and SDMI began their partnership. In (2011), Plastic Machinery Division started business by involving SDMI in the development of new injection molding machines.

Members are groomed to be expert in C-option (customization as per clients’ requirements) of injection machines. Over the years, Plastic Machinery expanded their scope from detailed fabrication and assembly drawing to standard machine C-option planning of mechanical and electrical design, as well as execute simulation studies for innovation of components to help SHI injection molding machines keep up with the competition and world market demands. Simultaneously, members grew in number and is one of the largest section in SDMI. Consisting of Mechanical and Electrical engineers and technical professionals, through their collaboration, Plastic Machinery caters multifaceted requisites of counter partner.

At present, members are well-versed in using SolidWorks, E-CAD, Helix CADAM, 3D XVL and SolidWorks Simulation.

Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery was formed as a separate section in 2007 with members coming from the Industrial Machinery Section which was earlier established in 1995. The Section provides engineering and design services to Sumitomo Construction Machinery (SCM) for the detail design and modelling of SHI Hydraulic Excavators and Road Construction Machines.

Services include preparation of planning drawing, general arrangement drawing, detail drawings, material take-off and specification. With a close collaboration with SCM Japan, the Section continuous to expand scope and responsilibilty and is one of the fastest growing section in SDMI.

The section is well versed in using Solidworks and Solidworks 3DVIA Composer.

Systems & IT Infrastructure

Systems Development

Business Process, Machinery Controls, Engineering Tools

SYSTEMS GROUP offers services in the development and maintenance of software used in engineering design, machinery and equipment controls, business processes and IT Infrastructure.

SDMI Systems Group use the following tools and programming languages: JAVA, C, C#, C++, C#.Net, VB.net.

Below are the SECTIONS within SDMI Systems Group.

  • Engineering Applications
  • Business Applications
  • IT Infrastructure

Business Applications

Business Applications (BA) Section, established on 2003, expanded SDMI Systems group to business and corporate software development.

The Section develops and maintain business software for SHI Business Associates (SHI-BA) Division (Japan) that inlcudes SHI's Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, S-ONE and SAP.

On 2016, SDMI BA Section co-develop with SHI-BA the Mabilis framework to rebuild the old framework which runs for more than 10 years and uses older technologies. The name “Mabilis” is derived from a Tagalog word, which means “Hayai” in Japanese. It was released in the second half of 2016 with the purpose of:
- Improvement of the development productivity of implementation process of web application
- Improvement of usability of web application (labor-saving of input operation)
- Realization of screen creation that corresponds to smart devices
- Improvement of maintainability of the framework itself

The Section is actively looking to further expand the application of Mabilis framework.

Engineering Applications

Engineering Applications (EA) Section, established on 1996, was the first IT Solution team in SDMI.

The Section develops and maintains embedded software of SHI's equipment and machinery products including Plastic Injection Machines and Ion Implanters.

Aside from embedded software projects, the Section is distinct in that it collaborates with the Engineering Department and develops automation and enhancement tools used in Engineering design software specially in the auto or semi-auto draw of 2D design drawings from 3D models and vice versa.

Services includes preparation of specifications, program development, testing, debugging and customization, preparation of instruction manual.

IT Infrastructure

Systems Group further expanded with the formation of IT Infrastructure (IT) Section on 2008. The Section deals primarily with the management, maintenance and improvement of network and server facilities, hardware, software, end user support and services required for smooth and seamless communication and operation of enterprise IT infrastructure in SDMI.

The Section is the primary partner of SHI-BA Information Technology (Japan) in delivering IT support, management, maintenance and improvement of IT infrastructure to all SHI offices outside Japan and China which includes Southeast Asia, US, Europe and Australia.

The Section is actively into study and evaluation on the utilization of IOT networking and RPA technology.